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Maejo University International College Promote New Curriculum
On April 20, 2021. Maejo University International College promotes her new upcoming curriculum. Master and Ph.D. Program in Digital Economics and Management Innovation (DEMI) schedule to open next semester to our partner university. National Chin-Yi University of Technology (Taiwan). The event took place online via Microsoft Team, and the President of Maejo University was present during the event Assoc. Prof. Dr. Weerapon Thongma including the Vice President and Dean of OIA. Prof. Dr. Win-Jet Luo National Chin-Yi University of Technology (Taiwan). The curriculums was a joint effort between the Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Economics, and Maejo University International College overseeing the program. The aim of these curriculums was to create and develop efficient knowledge that keeps pace with the changes in the digital economy, based on economic thinking in the management of business innovation. The curriculums also integrate science with modern technology for sustainable economic and business development on a local, national and international level. A special thanks to Asst. Prof. Dr. Nirote Sinnaraong Assistant to President Smith Sinnarong for his unending effort, making sure this curriculum become a reality. A grateful thanks to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Surachai Kangwon Dean of the Faculty of Economics. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jamnian Bunmark, ขงเบ้ง แม่โจ้ Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rapeephun Dangtungee. Dean of Maejo University International College. Also present at the event were Prof. Dr. Cheng-Chi Wang/ Vice Dean of OIA, Ms. Chantal Hsu / Coordinator of the Office of International Affairs (National Chin-Yi University of Technology (Taiwan). Dr. Sutkhet Sakunthong Assistant to the President, Dr. Winitra Leelapattana Associate Dean of Maejo University International College, Miss Chen Yin-His Lecturer MJU-IC, Mrs. Pratoomtip Duangdeetaweeratana Director of International Affairs Division. Maejo University Chiang Mai Thailand.
Tuesday, April 20, 2021     |      14
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