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The certificate giving ceremony of outgoing Educational Cooperation Program (ECP 12) students was conducted at the Maejo University on January 29, 2021. Associate Professor Dr. Weerapon Thongma the President of Maejo University delivered a congratulatory remark and awards the students with their certificates. The President said that it is right time for students to form their careers now. He admired Maejo University International College (MJU-IC) for offering academic career-oriented courses along with other activities to the students throughout their study time at MJU-IC. As part of his speech, the president also advised the students to be the builders of the nation rather than being a burden to society. The ECP program allows students from all various parts Thailand to study simultaneously at both Maejo University and either Vanung University, Taiwan or Guangxi University of Foreign Languages (GUFL) China in order for them to complete their B.Sc degree program. Their study Period at MJU-IC will prepare them for basic courses and fortify their Chinese speaking ability before embarking one of the above-mentioned universities as desired by the students.

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