PhD Degree in Organic Agriculture Management

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1.1      Philosophy; Importance

Aim to produce a graduates fully equipped with research and development knowledge in agriculture and complete cycle in organic agriculture business. Based on responsibility, morality and international ethics.

1.2      Objectives

  1. To produce graduate that can apply acquired knowledge in organic agriculture to create skills in organizing integrated agriculture and sustainability in the community, society, country and international level through research works.
  2. To produce graduates with the skills of giving up-to-date advice and consultation in terms of standardization and management of organic agriculture.
  3. To produce knowledgeable graduates with production skills, produce graduates that can sell their products, filled with proper morals and ethics and graduates that shows community, society and environmental responsibility.
  4. To produce graduates who possess the ability to use English in presenting or publishing in internationally recognized journals.
  5. To produce graduates who can effectively choose to use information technology for communication and development of organic agriculture.

1.3      Educational System

The Educational system in Maejo University International Colleges, Maejo University uses a binary education system, 1 academic year is divided into 2 regular semesters, 1 regular semester has a study period of not less than 15 weeks.

1.4      Structure of the Curriculum (Divided into 3 types)

  1. Plan A Type 1.1
  2. Non-credit courses (7)       credits
  3. dissertation                    48      credits

total credits throughout the curriculum    48      credits

  1. Plan A Type 2.1
  2. Non-credit courses (12)     credits
  3. Major Core Courses                    6        credits
  4. Major elective courses 6        credits
  5. dissertation 36      credits

credits throughout the curriculum            48      credits

                   Note: (  ) means non-credit courses and are evaluated in S and U system